The Legend Of The Three Sisters In The Blue Mountains

Deep in the mysterious Blue Mountains, in the midst of an array of beauty, an iconic landmark, made of weathered sandstone peaks, stands atop a ledge. Locals refer to this landmark, located at Echo Point, as The Three Sisters. Around the rock, silver mist rises among the lush, green rainforest. Waterfalls flood from the deep valleys and golden peaks stand tall.

These three majestic rocks stand tall, overlooking the land of the Aboriginal people. During the day, sunlight reflects off of the rocks with a burst of colour. By night, a subtle glimmer of gold can be seen. Although the beauty of these three magnificent rocks will undoubtedly take your breath away, the view isn’t the only reason tourists seek to visit this landmark.

The story dates back thousands of years in the mystical and peaceful land of Gondwana. A man of the Gundungurra people, called Tyawan, had three daughters named Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. This man treasured his daughters above everything.


There was a nearby valley that had a deep, dark hole. A gigantic evil creature, called a Bunyip, lived within the hole. If one needed to pass by the hole, it was important that he creep by very carefully and quietly for the Bunyip enjoyed human flesh – mostly that of women and young girls. It had a terribly harsh cry that sent people running as soon as they heard it. The Bunyip was a terrible creature that everybody feared.

A cliff was above the hole, behind a rocky wall. Whenever Tyawan needed to pass the hole, he instructed his three daughters to wait on the cliff until he returned. One day, Tyawan needed to pass the hole and left his daughters in the usual place. While he was descending down the steep cliff, his daughters were chatting up above. A large centipede appeared and scared Meenhi, who screamed and threw a stone at it.

Unfortunately, the stone missed the centipede and smashed into the valley below, rumbling all throughout the valley and mountains. Every creature stood still. The rocks behind the daughters split open, stranding the three sisters on a ledge.

Bunyip was awakened and furious. He rose and looked directly at the three frozen and terrified sisters. Tyawan saw the creature reaching for his girls so he reacted swiftly, using his magical bone to turn them to stone before they could be eaten.

The Bunyip angrily chased Tyawan for depriving him of his prey. Tyawan became trapped atop a mountain and suddenly used his magical bone to turn himself into a Lyre Bird.

They were all safe but Tyawan dropped his bone. Once the Bunyip went back to sleep, Tyawan flew down to the floor of the forest to look for his bone. He can be seen to this day as a Lyre bird, searching the floors of the forest for his bone as he calls to his three daughters.

The Three Sisters silently stand on their ledge, watching him, hoping that someday they will be freed from the spell.

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