The Winter Wonderland that is the Blue Mountains

Winter is just about here, and if you don’t go by the whole June to August is winter thing, you would happily say that winter is most certainly here. Whilst people love heading to the Blue Mountains in summer as a great place to gain respite from the blistering heat under its cooling canopy, the Mountains still have a multitude of awesome activities to do in the cooler months. In fact, things even start to pick up in winter, with festivals and fun taking place throughout this beautiful part of the world. Locals and travellers alike are not deterred by the chilly conditions, and we here at Anderson Tours have put together a little guide of fun things to do when the temperature drops and the night comes faster.

Take a tour

Tours are still a great option in the Mountains, even during the winter months. You get to experience the way the climate impacts the flora and fauna of the region, experience the Featherdale Wildlife Park, ride the scenic railway, learn about local Indigenous culture, enjoy delicious seasonal lunches, and take the legendary Flyway cable car. There is nothing you can’t do here in winter that you can in the warmer months!

An abundance of festivities 

The Blue Mountains come alive during the winter months, it’s almost as if the cold temperature invigorates the locals into putting on spectacular displays of community fun. First off there is the Winter Magic festival held on Saturday June 24. The streets of Katoomba are closed off for traffic in place for joyous revellers in all kinds of fabulous costumes, and music and food stalls line the streets of the town. There are dancers, drummers, choirs, and artists, and everyone comes together in joyous rapture for this fantastic community-run festival.

Then there is Yulefest, held throughout wintertime. Yulefest is an ode to the winter Christmas down under, with events and festivities reflecting that of a winter Christmas time right here in the Blue Mountains. With the chill and occasional snow that falls here, it makes for the perfect location for Christmas in July.

Book yourself in

Anderson Tours can guide you through the mountains, and with tours such as the above listed all-inclusive, you get to experience all these wonderful activities and more. Book online or give us a call on (02) 9636 6111 and we will be happy to assist you.

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