Touring the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s most gorgeous natural landmarks, covering one million hectares and made up of lush forest, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and bush. It is a World Heritage Area, and one of the most accessible places of highland beauty across the continent. Located just west of the bustling city of Sydney, the Blue Mountains offers gorgeous views of mountain ranges, forests and canyons – as well as a unique culture and lifestyle.



Cities of the Blue Mountains

Nestled in and around the mountain ranges of the Blue Mountains are several cities that are all well worth visiting. Katoomba is the largest of these cities, and has a distinctly hippy vibe to it. It is also home to attractions such as Scenic World and Echo Point, which are well worth visiting.

Other, lesser known cities within the Blue Mountain range include Leura – a small city that is known for quaint boutiques and hand crafted wares. A little further out is Wentworth Falls, which is perfect for a bed and breakfast set up.

There are a few populated areas in the lower mountains, too. These include Springwood – the second largest community after Katoomba. Also, Glenbrook a sleepy town that has incredible bushwalks and is home to natural swimming holes such as Jellybean Pool.

Blue Mountains National Parks

There are three national parks located in the Blue Mountains, all of which are well worth visiting. Blue Mountain National Park is great for bushwalking and spotting wildlife, such as kangaroos. You can also get a great view of the famous Three Sisters rock formation from here.

Wollemi National Park is the largest wild area in New South Wales, making it a difficult trek. However, experienced bushwalkers will find some of the most satisfying and challenging journeys here.

Kanangra Boyd National Park has some fantastically expansive mountain gorges, panoramic vistas and gorgeous rivers cutting through rock. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to the park, and the single point of entry has some rocky terrain – so consider yourself warned.

Explore the Blue Mountains

There is so much to explore in the Blue Mountains that one blog post could not do it justice. The best way to get the most out of your experience is to dive in and explore. There are some incredible attractions, including epic views of natural landscapes and a glut of cultural diversity. The Blue Mountains holds something special for everyone, it is just a matter of finding out what you want to experience.

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