Spring: The Perfect Time to Visit the Blue Mountains

There’s nothing quite like spring in the Blue Mountains. It is that perfect time of the year in between the winter dew melting and the summer heat almost becoming too overwhelming. Not only this, the endless array of flora that inhabits the Mountains seems to simply come alive at the first sign of spring sunshine.

There is never a better time to escape the Sydney grind than during the warming months of the year, and Anderson Tours would like to share with you some of the amazing experiences of the region during the month of November, going into summer.

Garden Festivities, Anyone?

November is awash with events celebrating the unique flora that makes the Blue Mountains one of the most visually spectacular parts of Australia. To start off with there’s the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden who will be celebrating their birthday throughout the month. The gardens will come alive with artists and performers of all styles showcasing their talents amongst the surrounds of the blooming botanicals.

A highlight of the festival is on the 11th and 12th – the Garden of Earthly Delights. The festivities will feature Welcome to Country and performances by Darug cultural leaders. There will be installations and performers as well as a plethora of food and drink options available through the event.

Another spectacular event that highlights the abundance of flora in the Mountains is the Grand Canyon Pop Up Exhibition, taking place until the 29th of November. This unique exhibition takes place along the Grand Canyon walking track and features the history of the iconic walking track, including information on traditional track building techniques.

Last but by no means least, one of the most popular events of the Blue Mountains takes place throughout November – the flowering of the Puya. This plant and its flowers are a truly wonderful sight to see, and their unique blue colouring draws viewers in from across the country. The plant is native to Chile, and many will die after one bloom (so see them while you can!).

Interested in a Tour?

There’s plenty to do here at this wonderful time of the year, and whilst you’re at it, why not consider booking a tour from Anderson Tours? Our packages are perfect for spring as you get to enjoy all the Mountains’ beauty whilst basking in the sun’s rays.

Call us on (02) 9636 6111 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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