Small group Touring in the Blue Mountains vs Large Group Touring

It is often said that the more the merrier, but this adage is certainly not always true. I can think of several situations in which it doesn’t always work out better when you have more than less. One such situation is touring the Blue Mountains of Australia.

Sometimes Less Is More

At Anderson’s Tours we do believe that touring the Blue Mountains is such a larger than life experience that you deserve to get the most out of every moment. For this reason, we operate by the saying that two is company but three are a crowd. While we do accommodate groups of up to 20 people, we do believe that by adding more people to your group excursion, you may miss out on several moments and not be able to enjoy the experience that you paid good money for.

We prefer small groups over larger sized groups not because we can’t accommodate more people, but because we want to ensure that you, our clients, have the best experience with us.

Let’s just think for a minute of having a large group climbing the Blue Mountains and there are so many people you can hardly find space to walk. You are crowded by human walls on every side and not able to see nature as it was intended because every way you turn, you see people instead of the natural environment.

Group Tours in the Blue Mountains

There are a number of reasons why we are one of the preferred Blue Mountains tour operators, including:

  • Personalised experience. A smaller group size can connect and communicate more with their tour guide. With a smaller group you won’t have to fight tooth and nail to ask a question to our tour guide. Your individuality will not be stifled by a crowd of people. Rather, we give you the chance to thoroughly communicate with us and with other members in your group. In a smaller group you have more opportunity to engage with each other and create bonds that may last beyond the excursion.
  • Ease of movement. It is easier to get around in a smaller group where your movements are not being curtailed by that of others. You won’t be swamped by people in such a way that you will have to match your footprints with theirs. After all, touring is about being able to get around.
  • The best part is you see more of the lookouts that are extremely unique, off the beaten track and only accessible to our small groups.
  • You also enjoy more experiences as we have less people to move so less time is wasted getting in and out of the coach as you do on large coaches and you have more time to sightsee.
  • Touring in less desirable weather, we can amend itineraries and add additional stops to make the most of your visit to the Blue Mountains.
  • Best value for money.


Come on a small group tour today to discover what the fuss is really about!

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