Scenic World Blue Mountains

One of the best ways to soak up the mystic beauty of the Blue Mountains is Scenic World. This jam-packed attraction provides an unparalleled way to view the native birds and plant life, as well as the jaw dropping views of famous rock formations like the Three Sisters. With world class railways, walkways, cableways and skyways – Scenic world provides an immersive, fun and safe way to experience the bliss of the Blue Mountains. Situated less than two hours outside of Sydney, it is easily accessible and open all year round.

The Scenic Railway

This award-winning railway is truly special, featuring gorgeous rainforest views, glass ceiling carriages and a unique, ‘choose your own adventure’ railway journey. The steepest passenger railway in the world starts with an intimidating 52 degree incline, and from there you have some choices to make. If you are a daredevil, you can opt for the ‘cliffhanger’ experience, which features an incredibly steep, 64 degree incline that is sure to give even the boldest thrill seeker a jolt of adrenaline. Alternatively, continue on with the classic 52 degree incline and enjoy the gorgeous views.


The scenic railway’s journey works its way 310 metres down through a cliff-side tunnel. At the base of the cliff your mystical railway ride continues through an old world rainforest, located in the Jamison Valley floor.

The Scenic Walkway

The Scenic Walkway is a great way to explore the eucalyptus forests and rainforests located across Jamison Valley. The walkway stretches along a 2.4 kilometre path that is equally immersive and beautiful. The elevated boardwalk is a truly magical way to explore the prehistoric rainforest without damaging the environment. Some notable sites along the way include the abandoned coalmines and Marrangaroo Spring – and all of the beautiful local plants and wildlife, such as the lyre bird.

The Scenic Cableway

If you are looking for breathtaking views of the rainforests, valleys and mountains – then look no further than the Scenic Cableway. This 545 metre cableway extends across the Jamison Valley, descending to the valley floor before making its way back up. Along the way, you can get some incredible views of the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock and Katoomba Falls.

The Scenic Skyway

If you are brave enough, the Scenic Skyway offers the best views of the cliffs and rainforest canopies across the Blue Mountains and Jamison Valley. However, if you have a fear of heights, it may not be for you. The skyway hangs 270 metres above the valley floor, offering up a heart racing, breathtaking view of the mountain range and forests below. To get a full view of the canopy below, some of the skyway cabins even provide a see-through, electro-glass floor.

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