Planning an Easter Getaway? The Blue Mountains are the Way to Go

The Easter break in the city can be a frustrating time, with people rushing in and out of the city, clogging up the roads trying to get either in or away from the rush of metropolitan living, and also clogging up the stores and supermarkets trying to find their kids some eggs to hide in a backyard come Easter Sunday. With chocolate almost everywhere you turn and crowds of people fighting over the actually endless amount of it, Easter in the big smoke can be a pretty unenjoyable experience for those who like the peace and serenity of nature.

So… we have a proposal for your upcoming Easter, get away from the nuisance of Easter in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, wherever, and embrace that natural wonder with a holiday weekend getaway in the lush tranquillity of the Blue Mountains.

Why? Read on, weary city dweller.

Enjoy some awesome adventure 

The Blue Mountains have plenty of incredible adventure activities perfect for families. The Mountains are a hiking family’s dream, and are also perfect for rock climbing and kayaking, as well as having an almost endless list of attractions like those of the Three Sisters, the Katoomba Scenic Railway, and the Edge Cinema that provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

An Easter egg hunt in the forest? 

Whilst the backyard Easter egg hunt is a traditional favourite for this time of the year, why not try against the lush surroundings of the Blue Mountains. There are endless camping locations within the mountains where you and the family can enjoy a safe and controlled Easter egg hunt, helping the kids along to find all the goodies you kept hidden away on the drive up here.

During the hunt, you and the kids can enjoy all the wonderful flora and fauna of the Mountains: the endless rows of waratah bushes and eucalyptus trees, as well as catching a peak at some truly beautiful and unique animals like the kangaroo, koala, and tiger quoll, just to name a few.

The kids will be thrilled, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief at having left the city for the weekend.

Easter lunch in some truly beautiful picnic locations 

The Blue Mountains are rife with beautiful picnic grounds, making for the perfect location for Easter lunch. Spots like those of Wentworth Falls, Leura, and Pierces Pass provide awe-inspiring views whilst eating, and create the perfect spot for a picnic. Easter lunch at home? No way, try out one of the endless picnic spots in the Blue Mountains for the best way to enjoy lunch with the family.

These are just a couple of reasons why an Easter getaway in the Mountains are a fantastic idea. The kids will have fun, you’ll be relaxed, and you won’t have any pity for those who decided to stay amidst the hustle of the city at this time of the year. You’ll return just as the half-priced chocolate sale gets underway – what could be better?

If you want to experience a fun-filled and adventurous tour whilst on your Easter weekend getaway, get in touch with the team at Anderson Tours. We offer great package deals like that of the Blue Mountains Tour & Wildlife Park, great for families to enjoy some of Australia’s most incredible wildlife. Call us on (02) 9636 6111 to find out more.

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