Family Friendly Sydney

So, you’ve exhausted the list of famous Sydney attractions:

Sydney Harbour Bridge? Climbed it.

Bondi Beach? Surfed it.

The Sydney Opera House? Admired it.

There’s a reason why these three trips are made by every visitor to Sydney. They are iconic, and are sold as the must see and must do things. You think of Australia and you immediately think of the beach culture, then think of Australian beaches and you automatically picture Bondi.

Similarly, when you think of Sydney, as a tourist, what comes to mind? Undoubtedly, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. But what else is there to experience beside these admittedly must see attractions?

Travelling as a family, as rewarding as it can be, involves a large amount of planning and catering around everyone’s interests but, hopefully, the following attractions can lessen the load, and provide something to suit everyone.

Of course, failing that, as the adult you can just drag your children wherever you want. You are in charge after all!

First up is the Taronga Zoo. Home to 4,000 animals, Taronga Zoo is situated on the shores of Sydney Harbour. Whilst the zoo itself offers a fun day to be had by children and adults alike, it is the supplementary tours that should be at the top of every animal lover’s to-do list. With tours encompassing everything from a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo’s purpose built veterinary hospital, to animal encounters and photo opportunities, to a family friendly sleepover in the zoo grounds, there really is something to satisfy every curiosity – and budget.

Sticking to the sleepover theme, the Australian Museum not only affords you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Ben Stiller’s character in the movie ‘The Night at the Museum’ but also presents you with the unique opportunity to relive the family favourite in the museum’s theatre. Illuminated by torchlight, the integrated tour takes in fossils and dinosaurs, allowing you to spend your very own night at the museum.

Yes, you’ve heard of Bondi, but have you experienced the Bondi to Coogee walk? Taking in 6km of coastal paths between the two beaches, the walk may sound daunting at first. However, with an abundance of opportunities to break up the walk – beaches, playgrounds and the historic cliff-perched Waverley cemetery, to name but a few – this is one experience not to be missed. Even the littlest legs will have ample opportunity to rest!

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