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One of the best ways to soak up the mystic beauty of the Blue Mountains is Scenic World. This jam-packed attraction provides an unparalleled way to view the native birds and plant life, as well as the jaw dropping views of famous rock formations like the Three Sisters. With world class railways, walkways, cableways and […]

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The Blue Mountains are one of Australia’s most gorgeous natural landmarks, covering one million hectares and made up of lush forest, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and bush. It is a World Heritage Area, and one of the most accessible places of highland beauty across the continent. Located just west of the bustling city of Sydney, the […]

The name The fresh atmosphere of these famous mountains is filled with finely dispersed droplets of oil from the thousands of Eucalyptus trees. This oil mist and the forest ‘s water vapour, scatter short waves of light to create the distinctive blue haze that saw the name change from ‘Landsdowne Hills’ by Governor Phillip in […]