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One of the most attractive towns in the Blue Mountains for visitors has to be that of Wentworth Falls. With the majestic Kings Tableland, charming Grandview Hotel, the lake and the village itself, there is a myriad of things to do in the town and what better time to do them than when the weather […]

There’s nothing quite like spring in the Blue Mountains. It is that perfect time of the year in between the winter dew melting and the summer heat almost becoming too overwhelming. Not only this, the endless array of flora that inhabits the Mountains seems to simply come alive at the first sign of spring sunshine. […]

Sydney and the Blue Mountains offer some of the most dramatic and contrasting scenery in Australia. From the spectacular Sydney Harbour with all its glamour and class and its world-renowned bridge, to the west of the city and into the Mountains where the nature is diverse and the scenery grand and stunning. Anderson Tours offer […]

Winter is just about here, and if you don’t go by the whole June to August is winter thing, you would happily say that winter is most certainly here. Whilst people love heading to the Blue Mountains in summer as a great place to gain respite from the blistering heat under its cooling canopy, the […]

The Easter break in the city can be a frustrating time, with people rushing in and out of the city, clogging up the roads trying to get either in or away from the rush of metropolitan living, and also clogging up the stores and supermarkets trying to find their kids some eggs to hide in […]

The Blue Mountains are a nature lover’s paradise, with a range of awe-inspiring activities to enjoy during your stay here. The stunningly majestic Three Sisters rock formation, the scenic wonder of bushwalking in the region, mountain biking, and rock climbing all great reasons to escape the hustle of city life and breathe the fresh mountain […]

So, you’ve exhausted the list of famous Sydney attractions: Sydney Harbour Bridge? Climbed it. Bondi Beach? Surfed it. The Sydney Opera House? Admired it. There’s a reason why these three trips are made by every visitor to Sydney. They are iconic, and are sold as the must see and must do things. You think of […]

Group Tours in the Blue Mountains

It is often said that the more the merrier, but this adage is certainly not always true. I can think of several situations in which it doesn’t always work out better when you have more than less. One such situation is touring the Blue Mountains of Australia. Sometimes Less Is More At Anderson’s Tours we […]

three sisters blue mountains sydney

Deep in the mysterious Blue Mountains, in the midst of an array of beauty, an iconic landmark, made of weathered sandstone peaks, stands atop a ledge. Locals refer to this landmark, located at Echo Point, as The Three Sisters. Around the rock, silver mist rises among the lush, green rainforest. Waterfalls flood from the deep […]

Red Hands Cave, Blue Mountains National Park

While admiring the breathtaking scenery throughout the Blue Mountain region, you should also take time to explore the rich cultural history of the Aboriginal people that have lived in the area for generations. Not only will you find fascinating historical accounts of Aboriginal life and experiences, you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in the […]